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Presentation Topics

Lewis is available for speaking engagements, on the following topics:

Lewis Eisen speaking at workshop

1. The Hidden Messages Behind Your Policies

Every organization has policies that govern employee behaviour, but too often they are written in a way that’s aggressive or combative. When you look at yours objectively, are they courteous or do they sound like they’re barking orders? The wording of your policies can disclose a lot about your organization—including things you don’t want to reveal.
Attendees will leave with
  • a fresh look at the role of policy instruments in an organization
  • the ability to read between the lines of an administrative policy
  • an appreciation of the costs to an organization of poorly written rules


2. Putting Information Overload into Perspective

Lewis S. Eisen teaching Writing Effective Administrative Policies workshop

If today the Internet were seen as being the size of a golf ball, by 2020 it will be the size of the sun. That’s a massive amount of information to weed through. We all need new approaches to handling this information if we are to avoid going into overload.
Attendees will leave with
  • an overview of the factors that contribute to information overload
  • an appreciation of the costs to an individual of poor information organization
  • some techniques for staying sane through it all

3. Communication Among Strangers: Business, IT and Legal

Lewis Eisen speaking to a group of specialistsPeople working in the business areas, IT support, and legal services all use the same words, but they sure don’t all speak the same language. Their approaches to problem-solving are different, often making it frustrating to talk to the other groups and difficult to collaborate with them on projects. To overcome the barriers of communication, we need to understand the differences among us, and make accommodation for it.
Attendees will leave with
  • an appreciation of the costs to an organization of misunderstanding and miscommunication
  • an appreciation of the different analytical approaches of business line, IT support, and Legal Services workers
  • techniques for improving collaboration among all groups

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