About Lewis

Skyline of Toronto, Canada

Skyline of Toronto, Canada

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada

Living in Ottawa, Canada

I’ll spare you all the cute baby pictures.

Front view of Forest Hill Collegiate Institute, Toronto

Forest Hill Collegiate Institute, Toronto

Went to West Preparatory Junior School (“West Prep”) (Photo of West Prep) and Forest Hill Collegiate Inst. before going attending the University of Toronto.

I started in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, where I obtained an Honours B.A. in Linguistics, and then to the Faculty of Law, where I obtained a Juris Doctor.

Spike and Jake

Spike and Jake

Spike (a Schnauzer-Shih Tzu mix) and Jake (Chihuahua) keep the house free of squirrels that threaten our way of life.





Love travelling. Here’s where I’ve been:

Map of world with places Lewis Eisen has visited

Places I’ve been to